Shortsville Reindeer Farm

About the Shortsville Reindeer Farm

In 2017 Mike Schaertl, feeling as if he had not yet fully realized his dream of being a world-renowned eccentric, decided that what his life was really missing was some mystical ungulates. With the unparalled patience and help of his wife the octagonal barn went up and the first reindeer arrived. Today there are two reindeer living at the Shortsville Reindeer Farm: Little Buddy and Moose.

Come see the Reindeer at their home!

On Sunday, December 22nd, Moose and Little Buddy will have a break from their holiday travels and invite you all to come see them at their farm. For a $5 admission fee (kids 5 and under free) you may come into the pen and say hi to the boys. We accept cash or checks made out to "Shortsville Reindeer Farm". Credit cards are not accepted.

At noon on the 22nd the reindeer will start accepting visitors. At 4pm they will have to close the door to their home and start getting ready for the big day. Depending on the number of visitors, you may be able to get a picture with one of the boys. They also have 2 red sleighs available for pictures. Unfortunately, Santa will not be available on this date as he is still checking his list of naughty and nice.

When you come to visit please pull off the driveway into the yard and follow the instructions of the parking attendants. And though we all love our pets, PLEASE do not bring your pets with you. If you do, they will need to stay in your car while you visit.

The boys anxiously await your visit. Their home is at 4285 Shortsville Rd, Shortsville, NY.

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