Shortsville Reindeer Farm

A sleigh and a signpost in the snow Our driveway

We try to open up our home for visitors a few days each year. These dates and times are usually determined only a week or two in advance. Watch our events page or follow us on Facebook.

A reindeer in the snow behind a fence Waiting for visitors

Before You Go

When we are able to open our farm in Shortsville, NY to visitors, we would love to host you. However, there are some guidelines we have to make this a safe and pleasant visit for you and the reindeer.
  • Rates for visitation at our farm are $5 per person (children 5 years old and younger are free!)
  • PLEASE do not feed the reindeer unless the handler allows you to.
  • Our reindeer do not eat candy canes, carrots, cookies. Please do not bring them into the pen.
  • Screaming and quick movements tend to startle the reindeer. Please use inside voices around them.
  • You may pet the reindeer only under supervision of the handler.
  • When lines are long, please be considerate of others who are also waiting to see the reindeer.
  • Please don't wear boots or clothing that has been recently exposed to sheep or goats. Goats and sheep harbor an airborne virus that is deadly to the reindeer.
  • Please park in my lawn where the parking attendants request.
  • If taking pictures in the sleigh, please use the step stool and don't step on the sides of the sleigh
  • Please put all trash in the proper containers. Reindeer, like infants, are very curious and will put everything in their mouths.
A decorated sleigh in the barn

How to Get to the Shortsville Reindeer Farm

We are fairly easy to get to, however, you will not see our house, barn, or reindeer from the road. We are set back off the road about 1000ft. What you WILL see is a sign at the end of the driveway "Reindeer Dr". This is the entrance to our driveway, please enter and follow the instructions of the parking attendants.

PLEASE NOTE: Our farm is our home. Please watch our events page for dates and times that we welcome visitors.

Reindeer Rd Signpost